Meet centrifi

The simplest way to see your brand's digital performance in one convenient place.

Centrifi is the first platform-agnostic solution to your digital strategy in a freemium version! Get Google Analytics, paid digital media results, and organic content performance, allowing you to make real-time decisions without waiting until the end of the month to determine campaign performance.

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The Important Questions to Ask

Why is centrifi different?

This dashboard was designed by you! Clients like you, from various industries, automotive, tourism, service, retail, and nonprofit, from owners, managers, and marketers, developed a dashboard that took the complication out of reporting, saving time, and telling the right story with the right data.

Why no cost for reporting tool?

centrifi is sharing digital reporting in its simplest form without cost for the freemium version, allowing the industry access to more accurate and transparent reporting to make the most impactful decisions for digital marketing. Your data is NOT being saved, used, or stored in any way.

Is the reporting tool available for white label?

Yes. White labeling is available for the dashboard. Please fill out our form and someone will be in touch with you within 2 business days.

Does anyone benefit from my data or is my data used or stored anywhere?

No. centrifi is not storing, using, or sharing data.

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What’s Coming

centrifi in the works...

centrifi’s reporting tool and dashboard will continue incorporating additional API’s as more integrations become available in the digital space. The reporting tool will also continue enhancements on available analytics and metrics, keeping data simple, usable and relevant. Stay tuned for industry leading advancements in reporting and analytics.

The centrifi reporting dashboard is just the beginning of what’s to come for the software solution that will utilize real-time data and reporting from your company’s website. With proprietary data for in-market audiences owned by the parent company, Site Impact, centrifi will build the most accurate and comprehensive digital proposals on the market today.

The proposals will then generate real-time orders, and the order management system (OMS) will auto-integrate into each platform to ease proposing, placing, billing, and reporting in one easy place. The entire lifecycle of digital media will be seamless, with the best-in-industry technology leading the way. Stay tuned for centrifi updates throughout 2023 as the product launches end of the year.